1 Drops To Ml

1 Drops to mL calculator converts 1 drops into milliliters and also mL into drops instantly.

How many milliliters are there in 1 drops?

You can easily calculate the answer by dividing 1 drops by 20.

Convert 1 Drops To Ml

What is the value of 1 drops in mL?

1 drops is equal to 0.05 milliliters.

1 Drops Conversion

Milliliters 0.05
Liters 5.0E-5
Cubic Inches 328
US Liquid Gallons 1.3208643736461E-5
US Fluid Ounces 0.0016920473773266
US Liquid Pints 0.00010566356720203
US Liquid Quarts 5.2834574945845E-5
US Cups 0.0002113376
US Legal Cups 0.00020833333333333
US Tablespoons 0.0033783783783784
US Teaspoons 0.010144251252815
Imperial Gallons 0.010144251252815
Imperial Quarts 4.3994720633524E-5
Imperial Pints 8.7989441267048E-5
Imperial Cups 0.00017596339961288
Imperial Fluid Ounces 0.0017605633802817
Imperial Tablespoons 0.0028169014084507
Imperial Teaspoons 0.0084745762711864

1 drops into milliliters calculator also converts 1 drops into other units as well such as L, cups, tbsp and more simultaneously.