1 Kcal To Kj

1 Kcal to kJ calculator quickly converts 1 kilocalories into kilojoules and kJ into Kcal.

How many kilojoules are there in 1 kilocalories?

Multiply 1 kcal by 4.184 and you will quickly find your answer.

Convert 1 Kcal to kJ

What is the value of 1 kcal in kj?

1 kcal is equal to 4.184 kJ.

1 KiloCalories Conversion

Kilojoules 4.184
Calories 1000
Joules 4184
KiloBTU 0.003966
Megajoules 0.00418410041841
Gigajoules 4.1839953808691E-6
Watt Hour 1.162
Kilowatt Hour 0.0011627906976744
Megawatt Hour 1.1622217495854E-6
British Thermal Unit (BTU) 3.966

1 kilocalories to kilojoules calculator converts 1 kcal into kj and vice versa. This calculator also converts 1 kcal into cal, j, gj and other units simultaneously.