1 kwh to kj

1 kWh to kJ conversion calculator converts 1 kilowatt-hour into kilojoules and kJ into kWh.

How many kilojoules (kJ) are there in 1 kilowatt-hour?

To calculate the answer easily and quickly, simply multiply 1 kWh by 3,600.

Convert 1 kWh to kJ

What is the value of 1 kilowatt hour in kilojoules?

1 kWh is equal to 3600 kJ.

1 KiloJoules Conversion

Kilojoules 3600
Joules 3600000
British Thermal Unit (BTU) 3412
KiloBTU 3.412
Megajoules 3.6
Gigajoules 0.0036
Watt Hour 1000
Megawatt Hour 1000000

1 Kilowatt-hour to Kilojoules calculator instantaneously converts 1 kWh into kJ and vice versa. Further, this calculator converts 1 kWh into other units such as kilocalories, gigajoules, megawatt-hour simultaneously.