1 pounds to stones

1 Pounds into Stones calculator converts 1 lbs into St and vice versa quickly and accurately.

How many stones are there in 1 pounds?

You can quickly get the answer by dividing the 1 lbs by 14.

Convert 1 pounds to stones

What is the value of 1 pounds in stones?

1 pounds are equal to 0.0714 St.

1 Pounds Conversion

Stones 0.0714
US Tons 0.0005
Imperial Tons 0.00044642857142857
kilograms 0.45351473922902
Grams 454
Metric Tons 0.00045351473922902
Micrograms 453600000
Milli Grams 453592
Ounces (oz) 16

1 Lbs to St calculator quickly converts 1 lbs into st and stones into pounds. It simultaneously converts 1 pounds into other units as well such as kg, mg, oz.