Business Calculator

Every Business has to deal with Financial affairs which need computations, which in certain circumstances can be perplexing. In those matters, business calculators can manage all banking and economic affairs. Business calculators perform contrasting financial matters and functions, that an ordinary calculators can't hold such as interest, revenue, income, loss, gain, etc.

How to use the Business Calculator at

  • Click on the specific calculator option you want to work on.
  • Enter all the required information accurately.
  • Once all the information is added, click the calculate button.
  • Results will be displayed on your screen.

Benefits of using Business Calculators:

Business calculators quantify Business' issues in quantifiable terms and compute numerical solutions for them. Some of their uses are listed below:

  • Assessment of economic prosperity along with recognition of issues that you might want to address in numerical terms.
  • Calculation of overall income and revenue that you got from a particular category in every month of the year.
  • Assess the effectiveness of your Business activities by monitoring how much item or income you create and the time it takes.
  • Time and data management along with statistical Business calculations.
  • Easy calculations of savings.
  • Effective computation of accumulated premium.
  • Calculation of (NPV), (NFV), (IRR), etc.
  • Determination of monthly payments and assets.

Features of our Corporate Calculator:

Our online calculator has been created with stand-alone keys which allows the user to perform direct calculations at just a finger touch and also offers all the necessary formulas already stored in the memory to perform every complex calculation.

eBay fee calculator:

MYcalcu’s eBay fee calculator swiftly and precisely calculates every type of complex calculation of the fee and profit of your business. All you need to enter is the required information and the results will be on your screen. Some of our calculators are listed below.

Amazon FBA Calculator:

MYcalcu’s Amazon FBA calculator provides the accurate value of fees that Amazon charges to sell a product. Now you can earn more profit on your sales through our FBA calculator.

PayPal fee Calculator:

It calculates the payments including the charges of PayPal, the amount you would receive, etc.

Commission Calculator:

It calculates percentage-based remuneration, increasing your business profitability.

Marginal Cost Calculator:

Mycalcu’s marginal cost calculator will calculate the net and gross price of your products by just entering the required information in the fields. Scroll down to know more about all the other calculators.

Why use MYCALCU For Business related Calculations:

Our calculators provide all types of services free and without any login restrictions. It’s 100% free of cost. Now you can calculate every kind of profits, discounts, commission, fee, etc. It can do the most broadly perceived money related calculations and estimations with a one-line show and "quick" buttons to make less work. All these calculators are made fairly simpler and user-friendly, and you can do it yourself with no genuine top to bottom programming information.


Is there any limit to calculations per day?

No, you can do as much you want theirs no limit to it.

Does the calculator include leap year?

Yes, all our calculators have a leap year.

Which calculator I can use for calculating sales and profit of my goods?

Go to calculators and select “sales calculator” and “profit calculator”.

Is it possible to count only working days and exclude all the other days while calculating salary?

Yes, you can set the total number of days according to your demand