Financial Calculator

What is a Financial Calculator?

As the name suggests, a Financial Calculator is a great tool to assist you in dealing with Financial Calculations including the derivation of multiple cash flows, simple interest, percentage change and so on.

Benefits of a MYCALS’s Calculator for Finance.

From determining present value of annuity to discount rates, this calculator proves to be extremely beneficial by enabling its users to make an estimate of the value of a loan balance from every financial asset or product that might be needed at that time. Moreover, it is also useful in comparing home equity loans and mortgage payments.
Apart from this, it can also aid you in deciding which Financial asset including vehicle, land, or property to rent or purchase within the given budget. Whether you are unable to decide if you need to take on a new debt or open a new savings account, it can help you in choosing the best suitable option for you.

How does Calculator for Finances work?

It does this by taking into account a number of different variables such as monthly fees, interest, and taxes. With a commercial calculator, it is super easy to calculate the percentage change between two numbers.
All you have to do is plug in all the essential numbers & correct values and it will generate the desired approximate value for you. It makes life much easier with all its necessary components that are not found on any regular calculator.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How can someone use this calculator for Financial purposes?

As stated earlier, this online calculator has many key components that make the work a lot easier. The five most pertinent ones among the list are the Periodic Payment Tab (denoted by PMT), Compute Tab (written as CPT), Interest Rate per Period Tab (I/Y), Number of Periods Tab (mentioned as N) and last but not the least, PV and FV Tabs. Your task is to just plug in the correct values in these mentioned tabs and then see the magic unfold!

How to calculate loan payments using a Financial Calculator?

The formula of loan payment is relatively simple and consists of your loan term, interest rate and loan principal amount. All you have to do is plug in this information in the right tabs of the online calculator.

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