Privacy Policy for Mycalcu

MYCALCU privacy policy is designed according to the online calculation tools. We try to give our users reliable services by keeping their record safe and secure without any doubts in the privacy of collected data.

Usage and information collection

We govern the visit of our users securely and we may collect your personal information and data via cookies and weblog to provide you with fast & efficient services.
The information we collect includes email address, first name, last name , location and our data collectors automatically calculate the basic information related to the device needed to use for conversions. Location is used to give users accurate results according to their timeline because precision in result leads us to the satisfied customer.
MYCALCU doesn't share your personal information to the third party because keeping our users' data safe is our first priority and your personal information also helps us in calculating the website visits and repetitive use of the tool by specific users.

Terms of Use:

Terms and conditions are also part of our privacy policy. It tells about the functioning of the tool and relates to the information , which means it tells customers that the tool will demand for personal information and by clicking on the checkbox you agree to our conditions mentioned in the privacy policy.

Data Collection by cookies:

We also use cookies in our policy because it helps to collect the data about users from their browsers about their ip address, operating system and other diagnostic data then this data is submitted to the server for later use.
The purpose of collecting data through cookies is to provide you complete access to the usage of all available calculators, if you accept cookies related requests then you are agreed to provide us your information.
If you refuse to accept cookies then some of the tools will not be available for use because these calculators need to use information collected by cookies.

Data Collection by weblog:

We use weblog in our policy to keep the record of users visits, clicks, pages visited the most, and so on. The use of weblog helps us to provide you with accurate results in chronological order with details our users asked for.

Policy Updation:

Our privacy policy gets updated from time to time but we inform you through email before any update. Changes are good to make on time to keep your service up to date according to trends, so change in content or structure may have effects on privacy policy.