Decimal to Fraction Calculator

Why use an online decimal to fraction calculator?

Using Mycalcu’s decimal to fraction calculator, you can easily and quickly convert a decimal number to a fraction or to a mixed number.

Use the free online calculator to convert the decimal number into a fraction and get your solution accurately.

How does it work?

In order to convert a decimal into a fraction first, you have to give one as a denominator to that decimal and then multiply 10 x if you have x decimal places. Then reduce the fraction using the GCF and then further simplify.

If the decimal you want to convert is a negative one then, first remove the negative sign and perform the conversion as above mentioned on the positive values and finally add the negative sign to the answer. Because if a=b, then it is true that -a=-b

How to use a decimal to fraction calculator?

Enter a decimal number in the empty field and click calculate to get your accurate answer.