Final Grade Calculator

Why use an online final grade calculator?

MYcalcu’s final grade calculator enables you to evaluate the required grade you need on the final term exam to reach a target grade for the course.

Solving equations and solving problems with online calculators is simple and quick.

The service does not have any payment requirements or logging requirements for use.

How does it work?

You can calculate the grade you need on your final exam based on your current grade and how much weight the final is to give you your target grade.

The formula for finding the final grade is as follows:

F=[G((1w) ×C)]/w


  • F = Final exam grade
  • G = Grade you want for the class
  • w = Weight of the final exam, divided by 100 (put weight in decimal form vs. percentage form)
  • C = Your current grade

How to use a final grade calculator?

Enter the correct inputs in the required field and get your answer.