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How Old Am I? (Age Calculator)


Take Advantage of Our Efficient “How old am I“ Calculator to Measure Your Present Age!
Aging is a natural process! Where many of you are afraid of telling your original age to anyone, there are some people who are curious to know how old they are in terms of weeks, days and even hours.
Innovatively developed, MyCalcu’s How Old Am I calculator works seamlessly to give you the exact results with just one click. It measures and gives accurate results based on timezone and birthday. You need to add your required information in the given field to generate results with accuracy in minimal time.
It is so obvious that you know your age but with the help of this calculator, you can find your age from the day you were born till the time you have lived in present times. The generated result will tell your age in years, months, days, hours and minutes you have lived.

How Old Am I Calculator - Usage Direction:

Calculating your age was never this simple - Based on the age conversion mathematical formula, it is super easy to use.

  • Step1: Open a website will appear, click on the Time and Date category a list of several calculators will appear in front of you regarding time calculations.
  • Step2: Select the “How Old Am I” calculator from the given options the age calculator will appear.
  • Step3: Here you’ll find some options to be filled, first of all add your birthday date then add the time you were born, lastly select the time zone and move to the step4.
  • Step4: You have added the required information now, hit the calculate button and wait for a few seconds to get your result.

Here we go - Your age will appear in no of years, months, days, hours and days you have lived till your present times.

How do “How old am I Calculator” Works:

The online calculator works in a chronological structure which means it gives results from years to the hours you have lived. It calculates the output by finding the difference between date of birth and the current date on which you are searching for your age.
The results generated from the How old am I calculator are accurate and fast because it covers up all the gaps between months in the form of days which means if one month is of 30 days and next month is of 31 days it manages all these gaps and gives results with accuracy.
It also covers the gap of leap years which means if the leap years came after 4 years then the result generated by it is accurate as it subtracts the days of leap year from your current age.

how old am i

Features of How Old Am I Calculator:

Exact Results:

The online converter provides you with accurate results by adding the birthday , time of the day you were born and time zone of your region. The output will give you the results in years,months,days,hours and minutes you have lived till the present times and it also tells the day you were born.

Efficient Conversion:

The conversion speed of the present age calculator is as fast as rabbit runs; it gives results in a few seconds without a long waiting process.

Free of Cost:

“How old am I“ Calculator is free to use. You can use it without paying any.

Easy to Use:

The online calculator is easy to use and needs no technical knowledge or extra steps to get required results. Just fill the input fields with required information and get the best results in no time.


  1. Which fields are required to find the exact age?

    You just have to add your birth time, birth date and time zone of your region to get the conversion done.
  2. Can I calculate my future age by using the ‘How old am I” calculator?

    No, it tells you about the present age but you can use our age calculator to find the future age of any person.
  3. “How many days old am I” calculator follows which time format?

    It follows a 12 hours format, you need to select between the am/pm option while adding time.
  4. Does this calculator count leap years in calculation?

    Yes, it counts leap years while calculating your present age.
  5. Do we have to pay for it?

    No, it is free to use , you don't need to pay for it.
  6. How many Calculations it can perform at a time.

    There are no limitations; you can use it as many times as you want to calculate the results.
how old am i

Birth-year Age
1920 Birth-year 101 Age
1921 Birth-year 100 Age
1922 Birth-year 99 Age
1923 Birth-year 98 Age
1924 Birth-year 97 Age
1925 Birth-year 96 Age
1926 Birth-year 95 Age
1927 Birth-year 94 Age
1928 Birth-year 93 Age
1929 Birth-year 92 Age
1930 Birth-year 91 Age
1931 Birth-year 90 Age
1932 Birth-year 89 Age
1933 Birth-year 88 Age
1934 Birth-year 87 Age
1935 Birth-year 86 Age
1936 Birth-year 85 Age
1937 Birth-year 84 Age
1938 Birth-year 83 Age
1939 Birth-year 82 Age
1940 Birth-year 81 Age
1941 Birth-year 80 Age
1942 Birth-year 79 Age
1943 Birth-year 78 Age
1944 Birth-year 77 Age
1945 Birth-year 76 Age
1946 Birth-year 75 Age
1947 Birth-year 74 Age
1948 Birth-year 73 Age
1949 Birth-year 72 Age
1950 Birth-year 71 Age
1951 Birth-year 70 Age
1952 Birth-year 69 Age
1953 Birth-year 68 Age
1954 Birth-year 67 Age
1955 Birth-year 66 Age
1956 Birth-year 65 Age
1957 Birth-year 64 Age
1958 Birth-year 63 Age
1959 Birth-year 62 Age
1960 Birth-year 61 Age
1961 Birth-year 60 Age
1962 Birth-year 59 Age
1963 Birth-year 58 Age
1964 Birth-year 57 Age
1965 Birth-year 56 Age
1966 Birth-year 55 Age
1967 Birth-year 54 Age
1968 Birth-year 53 Age
1969 Birth-year 52 Age
1970 Birth-year 51 Age
1971 Birth-year 50 Age
1972 Birth-year 49 Age
1973 Birth-year 48 Age
1974 Birth-year 47 Age
1975 Birth-year 46 Age
1976 Birth-year 45 Age
1977 Birth-year 44 Age
1978 Birth-year 43 Age
1979 Birth-year 42 Age
1980 Birth-year 41 Age
1981 Birth-year 40 Age
1982 Birth-year 39 Age
1983 Birth-year 38 Age
1984 Birth-year 37 Age
1985 Birth-year 36 Age
1986 Birth-year 35 Age
1987 Birth-year 34 Age
1988 Birth-year 33 Age
1989 Birth-year 32 Age
1990 Birth-year 31 Age
1991 Birth-year 30 Age
1992 Birth-year 29 Age
1993 Birth-year 28 Age
1994 Birth-year 27 Age
1995 Birth-year 26 Age
1996 Birth-year 25 Age
1997 Birth-year 24 Age
1998 Birth-year 23 Age
1999 Birth-year 22 Age
2000 Birth-year 21 Age
2001 Birth-year 20 Age
2002 Birth-year 19 Age
2003 Birth-year 18 Age
2004 Birth-year 17 Age
2005 Birth-year 16 Age
2006 Birth-year 15 Age
2007 Birth-year 14 Age
2008 Birth-year 13 Age
2009 Birth-year 12 Age
2010 Birth-year 11 Age
2011 Birth-year 10 Age
2012 Birth-year 9 Age
2013 Birth-year 8 Age
2014 Birth-year 7 Age
2015 Birth-year 6 Age
2016 Birth-year 5 Age
2017 Birth-year 4 Age
2018 Birth-year 3 Age
2019 Birth-year 2 Age

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