Mean Median Mode Calculator

Why Use Online Mean Median Mode Calculator?

You can quickly find out the central tendencies in statistics and therefore you can find the representative of the data set using Mean Median Mode calculator.

Solving equations with this calculator make your work faster and avoid wasting time when finding mean median or mode of a data set.

How does it work?

This calculator helps you quickly find the mean, median and mode of a data set accuaretly using the following formulae.

Mean Formula

m = \frac{\text{sum of the terms}}{\text{number of terms}}

Median Formula

\mathrm{Med}(X) = \begin{cases} X[\frac{n}{2}] & \text{if n is even} \\ \frac{(X[\frac{n-1}{2}] + X[\frac{n+1}{2}])}{2} & \text{if n is odd} \end{cases}

Mode Formula

Mode is the number/value or values in the given data set that repeat most fequently.

How to use Mean Median Mode calculator?

Simply enter the data set you want to find mean, median and mode and then click the calculate button to get your solution.