Natural Log Calculator

Natural Log Calculator

Want to calculate the log to the base e? Mycalcu helps you find it through the Natural Log calculator. This is an online effective tool to calculate log with base e                                             

  where e = 2.718281828459

How to calculate Natural log, using Mycalcu?

The log of base e can be calculated by simply

  1. entering the value of X in the box
  2. clicking on calculate to get the result

Basic Natural log Rules




ln(xy) = lnx + lny


ln(x) / ln(y) = ln(x) – ln(y)

Log of power

ln(x)y = y ln(x)

Log of e

ln(e) = 1

Log of one

ln(1) = 0

Log reciprocal

ln(1 / x) = -ln(x)

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