Prime Number Calculator

Why use an online prime number calculator?

You can easily find out whether a number is a prime number or a composite number using Mycalcu’s prime number calculator.

Whether the number is prime or composite, this calculator also finds all the possible factors of both the prime number and composite number.

You will be able to test for a prime number for any whole number or integer far more quickly and accurately than ever.

How does it work?

A prime number is any whole number or integer that has two factors only and if there is any integer or whole number that has more than two factors it is a composite number.

For example, 2 is a prime number since it has two factors (1, 2). While 51 is a composite number since it has 4 factors (1, 3, 17, 51).

How to use a prime number calculator?

Enter any integer or whole number that you want to test whether it is a prime number or not and click calculate.

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