Ratio Calculator

Ratio Calculator

Want to know the missing value in the set of Ratios? Mycalcu helps you find it through Ratio Calculator. This is an online tool that is very easy to use and effective in solving problems related to ratios

How to use Mycalcu Ratio calculator?

  1. Enter the known values of ratio in their respective boxes
  2. Click on calculate to get the result

Ratio formula

Consider a set of Ratios

A : B = C : D

It can also be written as

A / B = C / D

Suppose the values of A, C, and D are known. Now in order to find the value of B, the equation will become

B = (D / C) x A


A = 5 , C = 2 , D = 4

B = 4 / 2 x 5 = 10

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