Ratio to Fraction Calculator

Why use the online ratio to fraction calculator?

MYcalcu's ratio to fraction calculator makes it easy and accurate to convert ratios to fractions.

To find fractions equivalent to ratios, the ratio to fraction calculator converts ratio terms to fractions. And then it reduces the fractions to their simplest form.

How does it work?

A ratio can be a part-to-whole ratio or a part-to-part ratio. Both these ratios can be expressed in fractions in different ways.

How to convert the part-to-whole ratio to a fraction?

A part-to-whole ratio describes the relationship between a subset and the whole set.

E.g.: 6:14, first convert this ratio into fraction 6/14 and then reduce it into the lowest form 3/7.

How to convert the part-to-part ratio to a fraction?

The part-to-part ratio is an expression of the relationship between two subsets of a set.

E.g.: 1:3, first use the sum of the given numbers as the denominator and you will get 1/4 and 3/4 which cannot be further simplified, therefore, you can conclude that of the 4 pieces of fruit with an orange-to-banana ratio of 1:3, 1/4 are oranges and 3/4 are bananas.

How to use the ratio to fraction calculator?

First, select part-to-part or part-to-whole ratios. Then enter the ratios correctly to convert the ratios into fractions.