Volume of a Cube Calculator

The volume of a Cube Calculator

Don’t know how to calculate the amount of space there is, in the cube? Mycaclu helps you to find it through the Volume of a Cube calculator. This free online calculator is very effective and easy to use as it does not require any skill to master.

How to use the Mycalcu Volume of a Cube Calculator?

  1. Select the unit of length
  2.  Enter the value of the length in the respective box
  3. Click on calculate to get the result  

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Formula of Volume of a Cube

Volume = L3   Where

L = Length of the Cube

How to calculate the volume of a Cube?

  1. Take the square of the length for calculation of Square base area
  2. Multiply the answer with L

let’s assume the length of the Cube is 15 cm

= L²

= 152 = 225

= 225 x 15 = 3375 cm3