Batting Average Calculator

Why use an online batting average calculator?

MYcalcu’s batting average calculator finds out the Batting Average, which is the ratio of player’s number of runs to the number of times they have been out.

Therefore, there would be no more time-wasting while calculating the batting average using the manual style.

Furthermore, this calculator has no log-in or payment restrictions and it is totally free.

How does it work?

You can easily calculate batting average using the following formula:

Batting Average = Runs Scored ÷ Times Out

  • “Runs Scored”–The number of runs scored by the batter.
  • “Times Out”–The number of times the batter has been caught out.

For example, a batter scores at-bat 622 times and is out 28 times in that time.

622 ÷ 28= 22.21.

Therefore, the player’s batting average is 22.21.

How to use the batting average calculator?

Enter correct information to get the batting average of any player.