Calorie Calculator

Why use an online calorie calculator?

MYcalcu’s calorie calculator provides you with the number of calories you should take per day. It is also known as the TDEE calculator.

This calculator also helps you with the starting points for either weight loss and weight gain.

There are no log-in or payment restrictions because it is totally free.

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Daily Caloric Needs

Basal Metabolic Rate is

How does it work?

This calculator is based on the Mifflin-St Jeor equation and therefore will allow you to find out exact and accurate BMR for both men and women.

BMR (men) = (10 * weight / 1kg + 6.25 * height / 1cm - 5 * age / 1 year + 5) kcal / day

BMR (women) = (10 * weight / 1kg + 6.25 * height / 1cm - 5 * age / 1 year - 161) kcal / day

After finding your BMR, it is multiplied by your physical activity level and this calculator provides you with the recommended calorie intake.

How to use the calorie calculator?

Input the required information accurately in order to get accurate results.