Max Heart Rate Calculator

Why use an online max heart rate calculator?

MYcalcu’s max heart rate calculator enables you to find out the maximum heart rate you can achieve without any problem while exercising.

Therefore, there would be no problem in finding your max heart rate even without the presence of any doctor.

This online calculator has no log-in or payment restrictions, and it is totally free.

How does it work?

The max heart rate of a person decreases as age increases. Always keep safety above everything, so don’t exercise for long in your max heart rate.

If you exercise above 85% of your max heart rate, then you would be in big trouble, therefore, consult your doctor before doing so.

There are various formulas for finding the max heart rate which are all mentioned below.

  1. Haskell & Fox formula - the most commonly used max heart rate formula:

        HRmax = 220 – age

  1. Inbar formula:

        HRmax = 205.8 − (0.685 × age)

  1. Nes formula:

       HRmax = 211 − (0.64 × age)

  1. Oakland nonlinear formula:

         HRmax = 192 − (0.007 × age²)

  1. Tanaka, Monahan, & Seals formula:

        HRmax = 208 − (0.7 × age)

How to use the max heart rate calculator?

Enter the required data in the provided fields and then click calculate to get your max heart rate.