Water Intake Calculator

Why use an online water intake calculator?

Using MYcalcu’s water intake calculator, you can easily estimate the amount of water you should intake daily to avoid dehydration.

Water made 60-70% of the human body, therefore, you must keep your body level maintained to avoid any disease and in extreme conditions, this water level can save you from coma as well.

This calculator has no log-in or payment restrictions, and it is totally free.

Water Intake Calculator



Minutes per Day

How does it work?

Every human has his/her own water intake requirements and therefore water intake daily may differ from person to person.

For instance, a pregnant or breastfeeding woman needs to intake more water than a normal person with moderate activity.

You have to provide your weight and your activity level and climatic conditions to compute an approximate water intake for you.

How to use the water intake calculator?

Fill the empty fields with correct information, and you will be provided with the amount of water you should intake on a daily basis.