Winning Percentage Calculator

Why use an online winning percentage calculator?

MYcalcu’s winning percentage calculator helps you to find out the winning percentage of your favorite team quickly and easily in no time.

Therefore, there would be no more time-wasting in finding out the winning percentage of any team.

This online calculator has no log-in or payment restrictions, and it is totally free.

Winning Percentage Calculator

Win Percentage Calculator Resuls

Winning Percentage

How does it work?

This calculator uses the following formula to find out the winning percentage.

                winning percentage = wins / games

Make sure there are no tie results to get accurate results.

If there are ties then, the formula would be

               winning percentage = (wins + 0.5 * ties) / games

In order to find the wins, use; wins = games - ties - losses

How to use the winning percentage calculator?

Input correct information in the respective fields to get the accurate winning percentage of your favorite team.